This will cover all steps to set up a full WordPress site using a docker-compose file. Some basic knowledge of docker will be great. We will cover everything in parts so this is the first part of a process. In this part, we will see the directory structure of the current GitHub repo WP_Docker.

├── app
├── config
│   ├── nginx
│   │   ├── custom_proxy_settings.conf
│   │   └── default.conf
│   └── php-fpm
│       ├── Dockerfile
│       ├── composer.json
│       ├── php.ini
│       └── www.conf
├── docker-compose.yml
├── logs
│   └── nginx
│       ├── access.log
│       └── error.log

First and the most important file is a docker-compose.yml file. So docker-compose yml file is used to define multiple Docker containers and use them together with a single common file. Then we have config folder which contains configurations of Nginx and PHP container.

In Nginx, we have default.conf for server configuration which includes all types of configuration of the site including where the root directory and etc. There is one custom_proxy_settings.conf which is used in a nginx-proxy container we will take a look at it in detail when we are ready to run all container.

In Php-Fpm, We have Dockerfile it has some extra customization over a standard PHP image. So In that Dockerfile, I have used rtcamp/wordpress image. so they have configured PHP image with WordPress and also installs wp-cli. Other than that there is some extra configuration file like php.ini and www.conf to customize PHP configs.

Other two directories app and logs are empty. the data will be mounted into those folders once we start all containers.

So setup.php have series of commands required to run all the containers.

This is the directory structure of repository and we will cover each file and configurations in next part.